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Higashi Chaya District
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The Higashi Chaya District is the largest and by far the most interesting of the three districts. This district has a tea shop, restaurant, geisha house, and much more.
Nishi Chaya District
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The Nishi Chaya District is the living area for most of the Hiroshi Clan family. The Nagamachi Onmyōji District was reconstruction as the living quarters for all Onmyōji. Only Onmyōji are allowed to enter the Nagamachi Onmyōji District. The Hagashi District is protected by guards and a huge gate.
Kazuemachi Chaya District
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The Kazuemachi Chaya District has the smallest number of preserved buildings and consists mainly of restaurants and chaya. It is located a short walk across the river from the more interesting Higashi Chaya District. Because the Kazuemachi Chaya District is not as protected as other areas of the City are, many Yōkai come here to shop and eat. There are even some Yōkai that attack Humans without notice.
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