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The Akarui Irui
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The Akarui Irui is a merchant shop that sells cheaply made clothing with bright colors. A lot of the clothing is traditional looking and is affordable. The owner of the shop does take commissions.
Taiyō Ramen Shop
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The Taiyō Ramen Shopis considered a restaurant, but no one really sees it as one. The only things separating the restaurant from the streets is a thick curtain. There is a large table and chairs in front of the serving station where customers can eat and watch their meals be cooked. The food here is alright and it is very affordable.
The Yasui Shop
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The Yasui Shop is a small shop that sells affordable goods. It is almost like a Dollar General store. The goods here are cheaply made or slightly past expiration date. Many customers come here because the items are very affordable.
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