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The Ōgoe de Utaeba
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Ōgoe de Utaeba is one of the nicest locations in the city. The Ōgoe de Utaeba is a resteraunt and bar owned by a very beautiful Kitsune. All the staff here are women and are made up of different species of Yōkai. Despite being a Yōkai, the owner is a caring woman who uses her business as a safe haven for runway female Yōkai. There is always a price to stay here though.
Hakusan City Hall
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Hakusan City Hall has been refurbished as a judicial area for Yōkai. There are laws that all Yōkai need to follow upon entering or living in the city of Hakusan. One of the most important rules is that no Yōkai may harm one another while inside the city. Yōkai that break this rule are brought to trial at the Hakusan City Hall and given a fair trial. Hakusan City Hall also has small room with history about the struggles of all Yōkai.
The Kuro Pātī
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The Kuro PātÄ« is a bar. The traditional looking building serves sake and other alcoholic beverages. The Kuro PātÄ« has a Wanted board in the back with the names of all Humans, Yōkai, and Onmyōji that have a hit on them. To accept a bounty the Yōkai has to talk to the bartender. Let me tell you right now, the bartender is no pushover.
Yōkai King's Palace
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The original structure was torn down and replaced with the elaborate palace it is now. The Yōkai King’s Palace is a large building made mostly out of stone. There is a long staircase inside that leads to the King’s resting place and other locations throughout the palace. Towards the back of the building is the Yōkai King’s throne room. The throne itself was sculpt from the bones of Humans and Onmyōji defeated by the Yōkai King.
Shiramine Onsen
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Shiramine Onsen is a small hot spring at the base of Mount Hakusan. Many Yōkai come to Shiramine Onsen.
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